SEO Content for Brands

An Easy Guide to Investing in your Long-Term Brand Awareness

Created by the SEO marketing specialists at Primelis and the content creation experts from the greatcontent, this eBook takes an indepth look at the vital importance of SEO content and strategy to improving your brand awareness.


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Offering expert insights and industry know-how, this e-book explains the inextricable relationship between SEO and Brand Awareness, giving practical advice that can help ensure that your SEO content strategy will boost the perception of your brand in the public consciousness.

From the phase of conceptualising your brand-specific SEO content strategy, to the evaluation of your site’s performance and brand awareness using the right KPIs, this book takes an A-to-Z approach to the topic of investing in long-term brand awareness using the right SEO tactics.

About the authors

Primelis is a search agency that specialises in SEO and SEA. Since 2009, we develop innovative strategies to improve visibility in search engines results page. Our scientific approach of these acquisition channels and our comprehension of brand’s image and values help us to deploy efficient optimizations.

greatcontent is a global leader in the field of multilingual SEO and e-commerce content creation. Since 2011, we provide content production, copywriting, editing and translation services in 34 different languages and variations. We help companies achieve the full potential of their online marketing and SEO strategies through the creation of original and high-quality content.

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